ANSI / GR / IS / SASO Standard

ANSI C81.63:2007

ANSI_ANSLG C81.63-2007

Revision of ANSI C81.63-2006

American National Standard

Gauges for Electric Lamp Bases and Lampholders


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TAGS Test Probe BTest Probe 18Test Probe 11Go GaugesIEC 61032IEC 60335Test PinTest FingerIEC 60061-3Wedge Probe7006-29L-47006-27D-37006-11-87006-51-27006-51A-2 7006-50-17006-27C-17006-28A-1Test Probe7006-27B-1IEC 61010IEC 60529IEC 60068-2-75