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IEC 60061-3 Lamp Caps Partial Gauge

1E14 Lamp   CapsE14   Lamp Caps  Go Gauge7006-27F-1
2E14   Lamp Caps Not  Go Gauge7006-28B-1
3E14   Lamp Caps Accidebtai Contact Gauge7006-55-2
4E14S1   Lamp Caps  Go Gauge7006-27G-1
5E14   Lamp Caps Contact Making Gauge7006-54-2
6E14   Lamp Caps Torsion Test HolderIEC60968   Fig2
7E27 Lamp CapsE27   Lamp Caps Go Gauge7006-27B-1
8E27   Lamp Caps Not Go Gauge7006-28A-1
9E27S1   Lamp Caps Go Gauge7006-27C-1
10E27   Lamp Caps Contact Making  Gauge7006-50-1
11E27   Lamp Caps Accidental Contact Gauge7006-51A-2
12E27   51*39 Lamp Caps Accidentai Contact Gauge7006-51-2
13E27   Lamp Caps Torsion Test HolderIEC60968   Fig2
14B15 Lamp CapsB15   Insertion Test Gauge7006-4A-2
15B15   Retention  Test Gauge7006-4B-1
16B15   Not Go Gauge7006-10-8
17B15   Go Gauge7006-11-8
18B15   Lamp Caps Tortion Test HolderIEC60968   Fig3

B22d Lamp CapsB22   Lamp Caps Insertion Test Gauge7006-4A-2

B22   Lamp Caps Retention Test Gauge7006-4B-1
19B22   Lamp Caps Go Gauge7006-10-8
20B22   Lamp Caps Not Go Gauge7006-11-8
23B22D   Lamp Caps Acceptance Gauge7006-3-1
24BY22d   Lamp Caps Go Gauge7006-17A-1
25B22   Lamp Caps Torque Test HolderIEC60968   Fig3
26GZ10   Lamp CapsGo   and Not Go Gauge7006-120-1
27GZ10   Lamp HolderGo   and Not Go Gauge7006-120A-1
28Gu10   Lamp HolderGo   and Not Go Gauge7006-121A-1
29Gu10   Lamp CapsGo   and Not Go Gauge7006-121-1
30E26 Lamp CapsE26   Lamp Caps Go Gauge7006-27D-3
31E26   Lamp Caps Not Go Gauge7006-29L-4
32E26d   Lamp Caps Accidental Contact Gauge7006-29A-2
33E26   Lamp Caps Contact Making Gauge7006-29-3
34E26d   Lamp Caps Gauge with Reference Diameter 23mm7006-29B-2
35E26d   Lamp Caps Gauge with Reference Diameter 13.2mm7006-29C-2
36E26d   Lamp Caps Gauge with Reference Diameter 10.4 mm7006-29D-1

E26   Lamp Caps Gauge
37E14 Lamp HoldersE14   Lamp Holders Go Gauge7006-25-7
38E14   Lamp Holders Not Go Gauge7006-26-4
39E14   Lamp Holders Contact Making Gauge7006-30-2
40Candle   Lamp  Contact Making Gauge7006-30A-1
41Accidental   Contact Gauge7006-31-4
42Torque   Test CapIEC60238   Figure5

E14   Lamp Holders  test Cap "A"IEC60238   Figure 13
43E14   Lamp Holders  test Cap "b"IEC60238   Figure13
44E27 Lamp HoldersGo   Gauge7006-25A-2
45Not   Go Gauge7006-26-4
46Accidental   Contact Gauge7006-22A-4
47Buld   Neck Damage and Contact Making Gauge7006-21-5
48Side   Contact Resilisence Gauge II7006-22D-1
49Side   Contact Gauge  with Cutting Edges7006-22B-1
50Side   Contact Resilisence Gauge I7006-22C-1
51Torque   Test CapIEC60238   Figure5
52Aging   Test CapIEC60238   Figure14
53E40 Lamp CapsLamp   Caps Go Gauge7006-27-7
54Lamp   Caps Not Gauge7006-28D-1
55Accidental   Contact Gauge7006-53-1
56Contact   Making Gauge7006-52-1
57B22 Lamp HoldersPlug   Gauge7006-12-8
58Contact   Force Gauge (90°-130°)7006-15-7
59Contact   Force Gauge (90-°-130°)7006-20-4
60Accidental   Go Gauge7006-12A-2
61Not   Go and Retention Gauge7006-12B-2
62Contact   Force Gauge7006-15A-2
63Slot   Gauge7006-13-5
64Plug   Gauge7006-17B-1
65E12 Lamp CapsGo   Gauge7006-27H-1
66Not   Go Gauge7008-28C-1
67Additional   Go Gauge7006-27J-1
68Contact   Making Gauge7006-32-1
69E17 Lamp CapsGo   Gauge7006-27K-1
70Not   Go Gauge7006-28F-1
71Contact   Making Gauge7006-26D-1
72E39 Lamp CapsGo   Gauge7006-24B-1
73Not   Go Gauge7006-24C-1
74Contact   Making Gauge7006-24A-1
75E40 Lamp Holders GaugeGo   Gauge7006-25-7
76Not   Go Gauge7006-26-4
77Accidental   Contact Gauge7006-24-3
78Contact   Making Gauge7006-23-3
79EP10   Lamp CapsNot   Go Gauge7006-28-7
80EP10Go   Gauge7006-37-1
81EY10   Go Gauge7006-7-1
82EY10   Go Gauge7006-27A-1
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