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What is ISO 55096:2014?

ISO 55096:2014 is a technical specification that offers guidance for managing risks associated with electromagnetic radiation in the workplace. This standard provides a framework to assess and control the potential harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation on individuals.

Understanding the Principles

The technical specification outlined in ISO 55096:2014 emphasizes the importance of identifying potential sources of radiation and assessing their impact on human health. By understanding the principles of this standard, organizations can implement effective measures to protect workers from excessive exposure.

Evaluating Risks and Setting Limits

ISO 55096:2014 suggests a step-by-step process to evaluate risks and set limits for safe exposure. Organizations need to measure radiation levels, compare them against exposure limits, and identify any necessary control measures. This ensures that employees are not exposed to radiation beyond acceptable levels.

Creating a Safe Work Environment

Implementing ISO 55096:2014 helps organizations create a safe work environment by promoting radiation safety awareness and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. It encourages the use of protective equipment and training programs to minimize the risk of radiation-related health issues among workers.


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