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What is EN60598-2-2020?

EN60598-2-2020 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for the safety and functionality of lighting equipment, particularly those intended for household and similar general lighting purposes. This standard is a crucial tool used by manufacturers, designers, and installers to ensure that their products meet essential safety criteria and operate efficiently.

Key Features and Changes

The latest edition of EN60598-2 includes several significant updates and modifications compared to its previous versions. One such change is the introduction of new requirements related to LED-based lighting products, which have gained immense popularity due to their energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

Another notable addition is the inclusion of updated classification systems for different types of lighting equipment. This allows for better categorization and easier identification of specific product characteristics, making it simpler for consumers to choose the right lighting solution for their needs.

Compliance and Certification

In many countries, compliance with EN60598-2 standards is a legal requirement for manufacturers and importers of lighting equipment. This ensures that the products being sold in the market are safe to use and meet certain quality standards. To demonstrate compliance, manufacturers often perform various tests and evaluations on their products, such as testing for electrical safety, resistance to heat, and environmental performance.

In addition to complying with EN60598-2, manufacturers may also seek certification from authorized third-party organizations. These certifications provide an added level of assurance to consumers, as they indicate that the product has undergone rigorous inspection and testing by an independent entity.

The Importance of EN60598-2-2020

The significance of EN60598-2-2020 lies in its role in ensuring the safety and reliability of lighting equipment. By adhering to the standards outlined in this technical document, manufacturers can create products that minimize the risk of electrical hazards and maximize the performance and durability of their lighting solutions.

EN60598-2 also promotes fair competition among manufacturers by establishing a level playing field wherein all products must meet the same criteria. This prevents substandard or unsafe lighting products from entering the market, protecting consumers and fostering trust in the industry.



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