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What is EN ISO 8655-3:2002+A2:2017?

EN ISO 8655-3:2002+A2:2017 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for piston-operated volumetric apparatus used in laboratories for the measurement of quantities of liquids. This standard was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to ensure accurate and reliable measurements in various scientific and industrial sectors.

Importance of EN ISO 8655-3:2002+A2:2017

Accurate measurement of liquids is crucial in numerous fields such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry, environmental testing, and research laboratories. The EN ISO 8655-3:2002+A2:2017 standard plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and traceability of these measurements. It provides guidelines for the design, construction, and calibration of piston-operated volumetric apparatus, making it easier to compare results obtained from different instruments and laboratories.

Requirements and Compliance

EN ISO 8655-3:2002+A2:2017 sets out specific requirements for volumetric apparatus, including equipment design, maximum permissible errors, materials, and construction. These standards are essential for manufacturers, ensuring that their instruments meet the necessary criteria to provide accurate and repeatable measurements. Additionally, laboratories and users can refer to these requirements when selecting appropriate apparatus for their specific applications.

Calibration and Traceability

One of the critical aspects of EN ISO 8655-3:2002+A2:2017 is the calibration and traceability of volumetric apparatus. Regular calibration of instruments is necessary to maintain measurement accuracy, and the standard provides detailed procedures for this process. Calibration must be performed using reference standards that are traceable to an international or national measurement standard, ensuring the reliability and comparability of results across different laboratories.

In conclusion, EN ISO 8655-3:2002+A2:2017 is a crucial technical standard that ensures accurate and reliable measurement of liquids in various scientific and industrial sectors. Its requirements for volumetric apparatus design, calibration, and traceability guarantee the quality and comparability of measurement results. Adhering to this standard is essential for manufacturers, laboratories, and users to achieve precise and consistent measurements in their respective fields.


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