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What is EN ISO 31266:2018


In the field of technical writing, standards play a crucial role in ensuring clear and consistent communication. One such important standard is EN ISO 31266:2018. This standard provides guidelines and requirements for writing professional technical articles. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of EN ISO 31266:2018 and understand how it can help improve the quality of technical writing.

The Scope of EN ISO 31266:2018

EN ISO 31266:2018 covers a wide range of topics related to technical writing. It provides guidance on various aspects, including readability, coherence, and consistency. One of the primary goals of this standard is to ensure that technical articles are accessible to the intended audience. It emphasizes the use of clear and concise language, avoiding unnecessary jargon and complexity.

This standard also emphasizes the importance of proper structuring and organization of technical articles. It recommends the use of headings, subheadings, and paragraphs to facilitate easy reading and navigation. Additionally, EN ISO 31266:2018 highlights the need for accurate and well-referenced information, encouraging writers to cite reliable sources and adhere to ethical guidelines.

Benefits of Implementing EN ISO 31266:2018

Adopting EN ISO 31266:2018 can result in several benefits for both writers and readers of technical articles. Firstly, it helps writers to communicate their ideas more effectively by providing a framework for organizing information. By following the standard's guidelines, writers can enhance the clarity and comprehensiveness of their articles, making them easier to understand.

For readers, articles written according to EN ISO 31266:2018 are more accessible and user-friendly. The clear structure and coherent writing make it easier to navigate through the content and find relevant information. Moreover, the standardized approach ensures consistency, offering readers a familiar format that enhances their overall reading experience.


EN ISO 31266:2018 plays a significant role in professional technical writing by providing guidelines for creating clear, concise, and coherent articles. By implementing this standard, writers can improve the readability and accessibility of their work, while also ensuring consistency and accuracy. Additionally, adhering to EN ISO 31266:2018 benefits readers by offering them well-structured and user-friendly technical articles. As technical communication continues to evolve, standards such as EN ISO 31266:2018 will remain essential in facilitating effective knowledge transfer.


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