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What is BS EN ISO 6072:2019?

Technical standards play a crucial role in ensuring the interoperability, quality, and safety of products and services. One such important standard is BS EN ISO 6072:2019. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of this standard and its significance in various industries.

Understanding the Scope

The BS EN ISO 6072:2019 standard is part of the BS EN ISO 6072 series, which focuses on precision tools for machining. Specifically, this standard provides guidelines for specifying the dimensions, tolerances, and technical requirements of shank-type slotting cutters.

Shank-type slotting cutters are widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where precise machining operations are required. These tools are responsible for creating grooves or slots on workpieces with high accuracy and repeatability.

Key Features and Requirements

The BS EN ISO 6072:2019 standard outlines several essential features and requirements for shank-type slotting cutters. These include:

Geometry and dimensions: The standard specifies the necessary geometry and dimensions of the cutters to ensure compatibility and efficient performance.

Material selection: It provides guidance on selecting suitable materials for the cutters based on their intended application and expected operational conditions.

Tolerances: The standard defines the allowable tolerances for different parameters to ensure the accuracy and interchangeability of the cutters.

Surface roughness: It sets guidelines for achieving the appropriate surface finish on the cutting edges of the tools.

Benefits and Impact

Compliance with the BS EN ISO 6072:2019 standard offers numerous benefits to manufacturers, machinists, and end-users. These include:

Improved quality: Adhering to this standard ensures the production of high-quality slotting cutters that meet stringent technical requirements.

Interchangeability: Standardized dimensions and tolerances enable cutters from different manufacturers to be used interchangeably, ensuring efficiency and flexibility in machining processes.

Enhanced safety: The guidelines for material selection and surface finish contribute to the overall safety of operations, reducing the risk of accidents or tool failures.

Cost savings: By providing clear specifications and requirements, the standard helps prevent costly mistakes and promotes efficient manufacturing processes.


BS EN ISO 6072:2019 is an essential technical standard that contributes to the precision and quality of shank-type slotting cutters used in various industries. Its clear guidelines, specifications, and requirements ensure the safe and efficient performance of these tools, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.


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