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What is ISO 11171:2018?

The ISO 11171:2018 standard is a technical specification that provides guidelines for the inspection, testing, and calibration of hydraulic particle counters. It is important to have a clear understanding of this standard as it plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and reliable measurements in various industries.

The Purpose of ISO 11171:2018

The main purpose of ISO 11171:2018 is to establish uniform procedures for the calibration and verification of automatic and semi-automatic particle counters used to monitor the cleanliness of hydraulic fluids. By adhering to this standard, organizations can ensure that their particle counting instruments are properly calibrated and provide consistent and accurate results.

Key Requirements of ISO 11171:2018

This standard lays down specific requirements for the calibration of liquid-borne particle counters, including specifications for calibration equipment, testing methods, and calculation procedures. It also provides guidelines for determining the measurement uncertainty associated with particle count results. Compliance with these requirements helps to minimize errors and ensure the reliability of particle counting measurements.

Benefits and Application of ISO 11171:2018

By following ISO 11171:2018, organizations can benefit from improved confidence in the cleanliness assessment of hydraulic systems. This standard enables them to accurately measure and monitor the concentration and size distribution of particles in hydraulic fluids, which is crucial for maintaining system reliability and preventing unnecessary wear and damage. Various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, rely on ISO 11171:2018 to ensure the quality and performance of their hydraulic systems.


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