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What is EN ISO 14123-1:2021?

In the world of technical standards, EN ISO 141231-1:2021 is an important document that provides guidelines for

ensuring the safety of machinery. This standard, published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN),

specifies general principles for risk assessment and risk reduction to prevent injuries and accidents in various

industrial sectors. Let's dive deeper into what EN ISO 141231-1:2021 entails and why it matters.

Understanding EN ISO 14123-1:2021

EN ISO 141231-1:2021 focuses on machinery safety, providing essential information for organizations and individuals

involved in the design, manufacture, installation, use, maintenance, and disposal of machinery. The standard aims to

minimize risks associated with machinery operation and ensure the well-being of both operators and those coming into

contact with the machine.

The Importance of Risk Assessment

One of the primary focuses of EN ISO 14123-1:2021 is risk assessment. It emphasizes the need for organizations to

identify and evaluate hazards associated with machinery, considering both normal operation and foreseeable misuse.

Through a systematic approach, risk assessment helps determine appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate

potential risks effectively.

Risk Reduction and Safety Measures

EN ISO 14123-1:2021 also addresses risk reduction methods and safety measures to be implemented. These include the

design and implementation of safety devices, protective measures for hazardous areas, control systems, warning

signs, and instructions for safe use. The standard promotes the adoption of suitable engineering controls and

administrative procedures to ensure that risks are adequately managed.


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