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What is ISO 10097:2018?

ISO 10097:2018 is a widely recognized standard that provides guidelines for the measurement and evaluation of airborne particle cleanliness in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Cleanrooms are essential in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace, and healthcare to maintain strict control over particulate contamination. This technical article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of ISO 10097:2018 and its significance.

Importance of Airborne Particle Cleanliness

Airborne particles can negatively impact product quality, process efficiency, and personnel safety in numerous industries. Therefore, maintaining proper airborne particle cleanliness is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. ISO 10097:2018 establishes procedures for classifying airborne particle cleanliness levels based on the number and size of particles present in a defined air volume. These classifications allow organizations to enforce appropriate control measures and design criteria for cleanrooms, thus minimizing the risk of contamination.

Key Components of ISO 10097:2018

ISO 10097:2018 outlines specific requirements and methods for determining airborne particle cleanliness using techniques such as light scattering particle counters. The standard emphasizes the importance of accurate sampling and measurements, precise calibration of instruments, and detailed reporting of results. It also provides recommendations for periodic testing, calibration, and maintenance of monitoring devices to ensure reliable and consistent measurements over time.

Implementation Challenges and Benefits

Implementing ISO 10097:2018 may present challenges for organizations due to the complexity of cleanroom operations and the need for specialized equipment. However, adherence to this standard brings several benefits. First and foremost, it ensures stringent control over contamination, leading to improved product quality and reliability. It also enhances customer confidence, as compliance with ISO 10097:2018 demonstrates a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Furthermore, the standard provides a foundation for benchmarking and comparing cleanliness levels across different cleanrooms, enabling organizations to identify areas for improvement and drive excellence.

In conclusion, ISO 10097:2018 plays a vital role in maintaining airborne particle cleanliness in cleanrooms and controlled environments. By establishing guidelines for measuring and evaluating this cleanliness, the standard enables organizations to effectively establish and maintain contamination control procedures. Implementing ISO 10097:2018 brings significant benefits, including improved product quality, increased customer confidence, and opportunities for continual improvement. Therefore, it is essential for industries reliant on cleanroom operations to understand and adhere to this important standard.


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