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What is EN ISO 15223-2:2010?


The EN ISO 15223-2:2010 is a technical standard used in the field of medical devices and their labeling. It provides guidelines for manufacturers, importers, and distributors to ensure that the labels on medical devices are clear, concise, and easily understandable for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of EN ISO 15223-2:2010 is to enhance the safety and usability of medical devices by standardizing the information provided on their labels. The scope of this standard covers all types of medical devices, including equipment, instruments, implants, and even software used in healthcare settings.

Key Requirements

EN ISO 15223-2:2010 sets forth several key requirements for medical device labels:

Symbols: It specifies a range of symbols that should be used on medical device labels to represent important information or warnings. These symbols are internationally recognized and help to overcome language barriers.

Language: The standard recommends using clear and simple language on labels, avoiding technical jargon. This ensures that the information can be easily understood by diverse users.

Content: The content on the label should include essential information such as the intended use of the device, manufacturer details, instructions for use, warnings, precautions, and any necessary storage or disposal instructions.

Size and Placement: EN ISO 15223-2:2010 also specifies requirements regarding the size and placement of labels to ensure their visibility and legibility.

Benefits and Impact

The implementation of EN ISO 15223-2:2010 brings several benefits to the field of medical devices. Firstly, it improves patient safety by providing clear instructions and warnings, reducing the risk of errors during device usage. Secondly, it facilitates international trade by harmonizing labeling requirements across different markets, making it easier for manufacturers to distribute their products globally.

In conclusion, EN ISO 15223-2:2010 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and usability of medical devices through standardized labeling practices. By following its guidelines, manufacturers can provide clear and concise information to healthcare professionals and patients, ultimately improving the overall quality of healthcare delivery.


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