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What is the IEC standard for environmental testing?

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has established numerous standards to ensure the quality and reliability of electrical and electronic equipment. One such important standard is the IEC 60068, which specifies the various environmental conditions that products should be tested under. Let's explore this standard and its significance in more detail.

Understanding IEC 60068

IEC 60068, titled "Environmental Testing," provides guidelines for testing the ability of electrical and electronic equipment to withstand specified environmental conditions. It covers a wide range of conditions, including temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, and more. The primary goal of this standard is to assess the product's performance, durability, and overall effectiveness in real-life operating environments.

IEC 60068 consists of different parts, each addressing specific aspects of environmental testing. For example, Part 2-1 focuses on cold temperatures, while Part 2-78 deals with dry heat testing. These various parts provide detailed instructions on how to conduct tests and interpret the results, ensuring consistency across different types of equipment and industries.

Importance of IEC 60068

The IEC 60068 standard plays a vital role in product development, manufacturing, and compliance evaluation. Adhering to this standard helps manufacturers identify potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities in their products, allowing them to make necessary improvements before market release. By subjecting products to a range of environmental conditions, companies can mitigate risks and enhance product reliability.

Moreover, IEC 60068 ensures that products meet the expectations and requirements of customers worldwide. It enables manufacturers to demonstrate the durability and performance of their offerings, fostering trust and confidence among consumers. Compliance with this standard also facilitates international trade, as products tested and certified according to IEC 60068 are generally accepted across different countries and regions.


The IEC 60068 standard serves as a comprehensive and universally recognized guideline for environmental testing. Its application enables manufacturers to validate the robustness of their electrical and electronic equipment under various challenging conditions. By complying with this standard, companies can enhance product quality, customer satisfaction, and global marketability. Ultimately, the IEC 60068 standard contributes to the continual improvement of the industry's overall reliability and performance standards.


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