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What is ISO/TR 24570:2017 ?

ISO/TR 21838:2017 is a widely applicable standard that aims to improve the clarity, precision, and readability of technical articles. It is a crucial document for technical writers and translators alike.

ISO/TR 16737:2017, on the other hand, is an international standard that provides guidelines and recommendations for assessing the quality of translations. It is a valuable resource for translation practitioners, offering a comprehensive framework for evaluating translation quality and highlighting the importance of cultural adequacy, terminology consistency, and style coherence.

ISO/TR 21838:2017 recognizes the importance of effective communication in technical writing and provides writers with tools and principles to achieve this goal. It is applicable to a wide range of technical areas, including but not limited to engineering, information technology, and scientific research.

By following the recommendations outlined in ISO/TR 21838:2017, writers can communicate their ideas more effectively, ensuring better comprehension by the intended audience. This standard is a valuable resource for technical writers, translators, and anyone looking to improve the quality of their technical writing.


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