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What is IEC 60721-26:2021?

IEC 60721-26:2021 is an international standard published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It provides a classification system for environmental conditions that may affect electrical and electronic equipment. This standard helps manufacturers, designers, and users of such equipment understand the various environmental factors that should be taken into consideration during product development, installation, and operation.

The Importance of Environmental Classification

Environmental classification is crucial because different environments have specific conditions that can impact the performance, reliability, and safety of electrical and electronic equipment. By following IEC 60721-26:2021, manufacturers can design products that are suitable for the intended environment and ensure their longevity and optimal function.

The standard defines various classes of environmental conditions based on factors like temperature, humidity, moisture, vibration, and others. By specifying the class in which their equipment can operate, manufacturers provide valuable information to users regarding the limitations, precautions, and necessary maintenance measures.

Understanding the Classification System

The classification system presented in IEC 60721-26:2021 consists of alphanumeric codes that represent different environmental conditions. Each code is composed of three sections: the climatic group, divisibility, and earth surface conditions. Together, they provide a clear understanding of the environment in which the equipment can operate successfully.

The climatic group identifies the prevailing environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity levels. Divisibility denotes the severity of variations within the climatic group, while earth surface conditions describe whether the equipment operates indoors or outdoors, underground, or submerged in water. By combining these sections, the code indicates the overall environmental condition.

Application in the Real World

IEC 60721-26:2021 finds applications in various fields, including industrial, commercial, and domestic settings. For example, it aids in determining whether certain equipment can be safely used in specific climates or extreme natural conditions. It assists in selecting materials that can withstand the environmental stressors present at construction sites or hazardous locations.

Moreover, the standard enables engineers to design electronic devices suitable for challenging environments, such as marine vessels, aircraft, and military systems. By adhering to the classification system outlined in IEC 60721-26:2021, manufacturers and users can optimize safety, reliability, and performance while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

In conclusion, IEC 60721-26:2021 offers a comprehensive classification system for environmental conditions that influence electrical and electronic equipment. By understanding and applying this standard, manufacturers and users can make informed decisions regarding product selection, installation, and operation, enhancing overall safety and performance.


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