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What is BS EN ISO 32020:2012?

Published by the British Standards Institution (BSI), BS EN ISO 32020:2012 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for technical writing. It aims to ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency in communication across various industries and domains.

Importance of BS EN ISO 32020:2012

In today's fast-paced globalized world, effective technical writing plays a vital role in disseminating information and facilitating understanding among professionals. BS EN ISO 32020:2012 acts as a benchmark for organizations and individuals, enhancing their ability to communicate complex concepts, instructions, and technical details with clarity and precision.

Key Principles and Guidelines

BS EN ISO 32020:2012 outlines several key principles and guidelines for technical writing. These include:

1. Conciseness and Clarity

Technical documents should convey information succinctly without compromising clarity. Writers should use clear and concise language, avoiding unnecessary jargon and providing context whenever necessary.

2. Logical Organization

Effective technical writing follows a logical structure. Information should be presented in a well-organized manner, with headings, subheadings, and bullet points used to aid comprehension and navigation.

3. Audience Awareness

Understanding the target audience is crucial for creating effective technical documentation. Writers should consider the readers' knowledge level, their specific needs, and any relevant cultural or industry-specific factors.

4. Visual Elements and Formatting

BS EN ISO 32020:2012 emphasizes the importance of using visual elements such as diagrams, charts, and tables to enhance understanding. Additionally, proper formatting, fonts, and styles should be used consistently throughout the document.

Benefits of Adhering to BS EN ISO 32020:2012

Compliance with BS EN ISO 32020:2012 brings several benefits to both organizations and individual writers:

1. Improved Communication

Following the guidelines of BS EN ISO 32020:2012 enhances communication by ensuring clarity, accuracy, and uniformity. This leads to reduced misinterpretation, improved collaboration, and increased efficiency.

2. Enhanced Professionalism

Adhering to industry standards demonstrates professionalism and commitment to quality. It helps organizations build trust with their stakeholders and gives writers a competitive advantage in their careers.

3. Cost and Time Savings

Clear and well-written technical documents reduce the risk of errors or misunderstandings, resulting in fewer revisions, rework, or customer support inquiries. This saves both time and costs for organizations.


BS EN ISO 32020:2012 provides comprehensive guidelines and requirements for technical writing that can significantly improve communication in various professional settings. By following these standards, organizations and individuals can achieve better clarity, consistency, and efficiency in their technical documentation, leading to improved outcomes and enhanced professional reputation.


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