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What is IEC 60834-5:2019?

IEC 60834-5:2019 is a technical standard that defines the methods and requirements for the measurement of electrical quantities in alternating current (AC) circuits. It provides guidelines for the accurate measurement of voltage, current, power, and energy, which are crucial for the reliable operation and performance evaluation of electrical systems.

Types of Measurements

The standard categorizes the measurements into two main types: basic measurements and computed quantities. Basic measurements include direct measuring methods to determine parameters like voltage and current magnitude, frequency, and phase angle. These measurements are necessary for primary data acquisition and system diagnosis. On the other hand, computed quantities refer to the derived values obtained from the basic measurements, such as active power, reactive power, power factor, and total harmonic distortion.

Requirements for Accuracy

To ensure accuracy and reliability, IEC 60834-5:2019 specifies requirements for instruments used in the measurement process. It outlines factors like minimum precision, response time, and uncertainty limits for different classes of measuring equipment. The standard also addresses environmental conditions and calibration intervals to maintain measurement accuracy over time. Compliance with these requirements ensures that the measured data can be trusted for analysis, decision-making, and equipment design purposes.

Application and Impact

IEC 60834-5:2019 plays a vital role in various industries where electrical measurements are essential, such as power generation, distribution, and consumption. Accurate measurements enable utilities to monitor the quality of electric supply, detect faults, and improve overall efficiency. It also assists in evaluating the performance of equipment and compliance with regulations. Additionally, the standard contributes to the development of smart grids and the integration of renewable energy sources by providing a consistent framework for electrical measurements.


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