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What is BS EN ISO 14982:2009?

BS EN ISO 14982:2009 is a professional technical standard that establishes guidelines for the protection of machinery from hazards arising from the mechanical power transmission systems. This standard is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of workers operating machinery.

The Importance of BS EN ISO 14982:2009

BS EN ISO 14982:2009 plays a crucial role in ensuring workplace safety by providing specific requirements for the design, selection, and installation of protective measures on machinery. It emphasizes the need for guards, interlocks, and other safety devices to prevent accidents and injuries.

By adhering to this standard, employers can reduce the risk of mechanical hazards and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Compliance not only protects workers but also enhances productivity and reduces costly downtime due to accidents or equipment damage.

Key Features of BS EN ISO 14982:2009

1. Hazard identification and risk assessment: The standard outlines procedures for identifying potential hazards and evaluating risks associated with machinery and mechanical power transmission systems. This enables manufacturers and operators to take necessary preventive measures.

2. Protective measures: BS EN ISO 14982:2009 provides detailed guidelines on the selection and implementation of appropriate protective measures. These measures may include the use of physical barriers, emergency stop devices, safety interlocks, and warning signs.

3. Installation and maintenance: The standard also addresses the proper installation and maintenance of protective measures. Regular inspections and maintenance help ensure the continued effectiveness of safety devices, minimizing the risk of failures or malfunctions.


BS EN ISO 14982:2009 serves as an invaluable resource for industries where machinery is a critical component of operations. Adhering to the guidelines outlined in this standard not only safeguards workers but also demonstrates an organization's commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

By following BS EN ISO 14982:2009, employers can foster a culture of safety within the workplace, preventing accidents and promoting a more productive and secure environment for all employees.


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