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What are the changes in en 61010 1 2010 A1 2019 ?

Title: What are the Changes in EN 61010 1 2010 A1 2019?

EN 61010 is a set of guidelines established by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) that focuses on technical documentation and communication. The standard provides specific requirements for writing technical articles, including principles for organizing content, language usage, and formatting. EN 61010 is essential for ensuring clarity in technical writing, which is critical for readers to understand the content and avoid misinterpretation.

Changes in EN 61010:2013 and EN 61010:2019:

EN 61010:2013 and EN 61010:2019 updates introduced several significant changes to improve the quality and usability of technical articles. One of these changes is the emphasis on visual aids and illustrations to enhance understanding. The updated standards promote the use of diagrams, charts, and other graphical elements to supplement written content, allowing for better visualization of concepts and making complex information more accessible.

Power Supply:

EN 50608:2010 provides guidance on power supply requirements for ICT systems, including voltage levels, power quality, and backup solutions to ensure system reliability and continuity of operation. The standard includes provisions for the integration of ICT systems with building automation systems, allowing for efficient control and management of various building functions such as lighting, HVAC, security, and energy management.


EN 61010:2010 is a convergence standard that combines the EN 61010 and EN 61011 standards into a single document. This standard aims to simplify the process of integrating different types of technical documentation, such as user manuals, into a single document. It also provides guidance on the use of multimedia elements, such as images and videos, to enhance the readability and accessibility of technical information.


EN 61010 is an essential standard for ensuring the quality and usability of technical articles. The updates to EN 61010:2013 and EN 61010:2019 have introduced significant changes to improve the integration of different types of technical documentation and the use of multimedia elements. Compliance with EN 61010:2010 is voluntary but highly recommended as it ensures that ICT systems in low-voltage installations meet the required safety, performance, and interoperability standards.


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