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What is EN ISO 10534-2:2010?

EN ISO 10534-2:2010 is an international standard that defines methods for the measurement of sound spatial distribution in open spaces. Sound spatial distribution refers to how sound waves propagate and distribute themselves in a given environment.

Understanding the Standard

This standard provides guidance on measuring sound spatial distribution using a spherical microphone array. The array consists of multiple microphones arranged in a spherical pattern, capturing sound from different directions simultaneously.

The measurements are conducted in open spaces, such as outdoor concert venues or auditoriums, where accurate documentation of the sound spatial distribution is necessary. By understanding how sound propagates in open spaces, the standard helps assess the acoustic quality and performance of different environments.

Benefits and Applications

The accurate measurement of sound spatial distribution plays a crucial role in various fields, including architectural acoustics, environmental noise assessment, and sound reinforcement system design. This standard provides a consistent methodology for comparing and evaluating different spaces based on their sound field characteristics.

In architectural acoustics, the standard helps architects and engineers optimize the acoustic design of buildings and spaces, ensuring optimal sound distribution and minimizing unwanted echoes or excessive reverberation. It aids in designing concert halls, theaters, lecture halls, and other venues to provide an immersive and enjoyable acoustic experience for the audience.

Additionally, the standard is invaluable in environmental noise assessment, allowing researchers and regulators to evaluate the impact of noise sources in open areas and ensure compliance with noise regulations. It aids in studying the noise emissions of airports, highways, industrial sites, and other sources to develop effective mitigation strategies.


EN ISO 10534-2:2010 is an essential standard that provides a methodology for measuring sound spatial distribution in open spaces. By adopting this standard, professionals in the fields of architectural acoustics, environmental noise assessment, and sound reinforcement system design can ensure optimal acoustic performance of different spaces and improve the quality of sound experiences for both individuals and communities.


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