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Does AS9100 require FAI?

In the aerospace industry, ensuring quality and compliance with industry standards is of utmost importance. One such standard that companies strive to achieve is AS9100. The AS9100 certification signifies that a company has implemented a robust quality management system specifically tailored for the aerospace sector. However, an often-confusing question that arises is whether AS9100 requires FAI (First Article Inspection). Let's delve into this topic and find out the answer.

Understanding AS9100

AS9100 is a widely recognized international quality management system standard developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). It is based on the general ISO 9001 standard but includes additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry. Obtaining AS9100 demonstrates a company's commitment to meeting customer expectations, continual improvement, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

What is First Article Inspection (FAI)?

First Article Inspection, or FAI, is a meticulous process that ensures the initial production run of a new part meets all engineering, design, and specification requirements. The aim is to verify the manufacturing processes, tooling, and documentation to ensure that the part will consistently meet the required standards throughout its production cycle. FAI is commonly used in the aerospace and defense industry to minimize risks associated with potential defects and non-conformance.

The Link Between AS9100 and FAI

While AS9100 does not explicitly require FAI, it does emphasize the importance of rigorous inspection and verification processes. AS9100 states that organizations must establish controls for verifying that product requirements have been met. This includes ensuring proper documentation, traceability, and conformity evaluation. As a result, many aerospace companies voluntarily implement FAI as part of their quality management system to meet the rigorous standards set by AS9100.

FAI provides companies with an effective way to mitigate risks associated with introducing new products or changes to existing products. By conducting thorough inspections and verifications, companies can identify and address any potential quality issues before full-scale production.

To summarize, while not explicitly mandated, FAI is often considered a best practice for companies seeking AS9100 certification. Its implementation demonstrates a commitment to quality and ensuring that parts and product processes meet the highest standards in the aerospace industry.


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