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What is IEC 60335-2-62 ?

IEC 60335-2-56: A Technical Standard for ElectricalAppliances

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a global organization that develops and publishes technical standards for electrical products and systems. The IEC 60335-2-56 standard, specifically, addresses the safety requirements for electrically operated hand tools. This comprehensive article will explore the scope, key requirements, and testing procedures of IEC 60335-2-56.

What is IEC 60335-2-56?

IEC 60335-2-56 is a technical standard that defines the safety requirements for electrical appliances that are used for heating, cooking, and similar purposes. It specifically focuses on equipment intended for professional use, such as hand tools, knives, and other similar appliances.

The Purpose of IEC 60335-2-56:

The primary purpose of IEC 60335-2-56 is to ensure the safety of electrical appliances by setting guidelines for their design, construction, and performance. The standard covers a wide range of professional appliances, including those used in restaurants, hotels, catering establishments, and industrial kitchens.

Key Requirements:

IEC 60335-2-56 specifies several key requirements for electrical appliances, including:

Electrical Safety: The appliance must have an adequate electrical safety design and construction to minimize the risk of electrical shock or other injuries.

Fire Resistance: The appliance must be fire-resistant, meaning it can withstand a fire for a specified period of time without igniting or suffering a significant failure.

Electrical Conductivity: The appliance must be made of materials that are resistant to electrical currents.

Temperature Limits: The appliance must not exceed specified temperature limits, which vary depending on the type and purpose of the appliance.

Electrical Insulation: The appliance must have adequate electrical insulation to prevent electrical currents from leaking out and causing a hazard.

Electrical Overvoltage: The appliance must not be designed to operate at higher than specified electrical voltages, which can cause damage or electrical fires.

Electrical Ground: The appliance must have a reliable electrical ground to prevent electrical currents from flowing back into the appliance and causing a hazard.

Testing Procedures:

IEC 60335-2-56 requires manufacturers to conduct testing procedures for their appliances to ensure compliance with the safety requirements outlined in the standard. The testing procedures cover various aspects of the appliance, including electrical safety, fire resistance, electrical conductivity, temperature limits, electrical insulation, and electrical overvoltage.


IEC 60335-2-56 is an essential standard for ensuring the safety of electrical appliances used for heating, cooking, and similar purposes. By following this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet basic safety requirements and provide a safe working environment for professionals who use them.


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