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What is BS EN ISO 7029:2014?


BS EN ISO 7029:2014 is an international standard that provides guidelines for measuring and reporting sound levels in various environments. The standard specifies the methodology, equipment, and procedures to be followed when conducting sound level measurements.

Scope and Applicability

This standard is applicable to all types of sound and noise measurements, including environmental noise, occupational noise, and product noise. It is widely used by professionals and organizations involved in acoustics, noise control, and industrial hygiene.

The standard covers the following aspects:

Measurement procedures

Calibration of sound level meters

Data analysis and reporting

Uncertainty measurement

Verification of sound level meters

Use of octave-band filters

Measurement Procedures

BS EN ISO 7029:2014 outlines the step-by-step procedure to measure sound levels accurately. It defines specific measurement positions, such as the measurement distance from the noise source and the height at which measurements should be taken.

The standard also provides guidelines on the calibration of sound level meters to ensure their accuracy. Regular calibration is necessary to maintain the reliability of measurements.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Once the sound levels are measured, BS EN ISO 7029:2014 provides instructions on how to analyze and report the data obtained. It guides the user on calculating various metrics, such as the equivalent continuous sound level (LAeq) and the maximum sound level (Lmax).

The standard also addresses the uncertainty associated with sound level measurements. It explains how to estimate and report measurement uncertainties, which is crucial for understanding the reliability and accuracy of the results.


BS EN ISO 7029:2014 plays a vital role in standardizing sound level measurements across different industries and applications. Following this standard ensures consistent and reliable data, allowing for effective noise control measures and regulatory compliance.

Professionals and organizations involved in acoustics, environmental monitoring, occupational safety, and product design should be familiar with BS EN ISO 7029:2014 and its requirements to ensure accurate and comparable sound level measurements.


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