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What is BS EN 16708-4:2020?


BS EN 16708-4:2020 is a technical standard that focuses on the requirements for writing thorough technical articles. It provides guidelines and specifications to ensure consistency, accuracy, and clarity in technical documentation. This standard is particularly relevant for industries such as engineering, information technology, and scientific research where detailed technical information needs to be communicated effectively.

Key Features of BS EN 16708-4:2020

BS EN 16708-4:2020 outlines several key features that technical writers should consider when creating technical articles:

1. Structure and Organization: The standard emphasizes the importance of a logical and well-structured layout for technical articles. This includes clear headings, subheadings, and a consistent numbering system for easy reference. The use of tables, diagrams, and illustrations is encouraged to enhance understanding and comprehension.

2. Language and Terminology: BS EN 16708-4:2020 stresses the use of precise, concise, and unambiguous language. Technical jargon and acronyms should be defined and explained to ensure readers from various backgrounds can understand the content. Moreover, consistent terminology should be used throughout the article, avoiding any potential confusion.

3. Clarity and Accuracy: Technical articles should be written in a clear and concise manner. Ambiguity or vagueness should be avoided to prevent misinterpretation. Additionally, all statements and claims must be accurate, supported by evidence, and referenced appropriately. Any assumptions made during the writing process should be clearly stated.

4. References and Citations: BS EN 16708-4:2020 emphasizes the importance of referencing external sources and giving proper credit to authors' work. A list of references should be included at the end of the article, following a specific citation style such as APA or IEEE.

Benefits of Using BS EN 16708-4:2020

By adhering to the guidelines outlined in BS EN 16708-4:2020, technical writers can enjoy several benefits:

1. Improved Clarity and Comprehension: Following a standardized structure and using clear language helps readers better understand technical articles. This leads to increased comprehension and minimizes the chances of misinterpretation or errors.

2. Enhanced Consistency: The use of consistent headings, subheadings, numbering, and terminology creates a cohesive and coherent document. This facilitates easier navigation and reference for readers.

3. Increased Credibility: BS EN 16708-4:2020 emphasizes the importance of accuracy and proper citation of external sources. By following these guidelines, technical articles gain credibility and trust from readers.

4. Streamlined Writing Process: Having a well-defined structure and set of guidelines assists technical writers in planning, organizing, and writing their articles more efficiently. This saves time and effort during the creation process.


BS EN 16708-4:2020 is a valuable standard that provides thorough guidelines for writing technical articles. Adhering to its provisions ensures clarity, accuracy, and consistency in technical documentation. By using this standard, technical writers can effectively communicate complex information while improving comprehension and credibility.


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