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What is ISO NP 24034?

ISONP24034 or International Standards Organization Natural Pearl 24034 is a globally recognized certification for natural pearls. This standard ensures that the pearls meet specific criteria in terms of their origin, quality, and value. In this article, we will explore what ISONP24034 entails and its significance in the pearl industry.

The Criteria for ISONP24034 Certification

To attain ISONP24034 certification, natural pearls must meet several essential criteria:

Pearl Origin: The pearls must be sourced from a sustainable and legal origin authorized by the ISO.

Pearl Quality: The pearls must possess exceptional luster, surface quality, shape, size, and color consistency.

Pearl Value: The pearls should have a well-documented history and provenance, which contributes to their overall value.

Ethical Practices: The entire supply chain involved in pearl cultivation and harvesting must adhere to ethical practices, ensuring fair trade and sustainability.

The Significance of ISONP24034 Certification

ISONP24034 certification holds immense significance for both consumers and pearl industry professionals:

Consumer Confidence: The certification assures consumers that the pearls they purchase are of the highest quality, ethically sourced, and have been assessed against rigorous standards.

Industry Standardization: ISONP24034 establishes a benchmark for natural pearls, encouraging uniformity and reliability across the international pearl market.

Protection against Fraud: With rising concerns about counterfeit pearls, the certification helps protect consumers from fraudulent practices and ensures they receive genuine natural pearls.

Increased Market Value: ISONP24034-certified pearls often command higher market value due to their superior quality and verified authenticity.


In conclusion, ISONP24034 certification plays a crucial role in regulating the natural pearl industry. It sets stringent standards for pearl quality, sustainable sourcing, ethical practices, and value documentation. By having this certification, consumers are assured of purchasing genuine, high-quality pearls, while industry professionals benefit from increased standardization and trust. Overall, ISONP24034 certification serves as a mark of excellence and integrity within the natural pearl market.


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