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What is BS EN 45682:2017 ?

Title: What is BS EN 45682:2017? A Comprehensive Guide to Eye Protection Standards

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical aspect of workplace safety and wellbeing. Ensuring compliance with PPE standards is vital to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities. This article will focus on the technical details of BS EN 166:2020, a standard specifically designed for eye protection, and provide an overview of BS EN 4567:2017, a professional technical standard widely recognized for quality and safety.

Overview of BS EN 166:2020

BS EN 166:2020 is a European standard that outlines the specifications and testing methods for personal eye protectors. It applies to all types of eye protectors used for general occupational applications, including those designed to provide protection against optical radiation, liquid droplets, mechanical hazards, and more.

This standard defines various parameters to ensure the quality and performance of eye protectors. These include the field of vision, optical characteristics, resistance to ignition, robustness, compatibility with other PPE, and more. Manufacturers must comply with these requirements to obtain certification for their eye protectors.

What is BS EN 4567:2017?

BS EN 4567:2017 is a professional technical standard that sets out guidelines and specifications for a particular industry or field. This standard is widely recognized and adopted by experts in the field as the benchmark for quality and safety.

The main purpose of BS EN 4567:2017 is to ensure that products, systems, and processes meet certain criteria and standards. It provides a framework for manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers to assess and evaluate the performance, reliability, and safety of various technical aspects.

The standard covers a wide range of areas, including design, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance. It helps to minimize risks, improve efficiency, and enhance overall quality in the industry.

Compliance and Testing

BS EN 166:2020 and BS EN 4567:2017 are mandatory requirements for eye protection products in many countries, including the European Union. Compliance with these standards is essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of eye protectors.

Manufacturers must conduct thorough testing to verify that their eye protectors meet the required specifications and standards. Testing typically includes visual testing, where the eye protectors are evaluated for clarity and vision, as well as other tests, such as impact testing, to assess the durability and resistance to damage.


BS EN 166:2020 and BS EN 4567:2017 are two crucial standards that impact the safety and wellbeing of workers across various industries. Understanding and adhering to these standards is vital to obtaining certification for eye protectors and ensuring their effectiveness in minimizing eye injuries and harm.

BS EN 166:2020 focuses on the technical specifications and testing methods for personal eye protectors, while BS EN 4567:2017 is focused on the guidelines and specifications for various technical aspects. Both standards are mandatory requirements for eye protection products in many countries and are critical to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of eye protectors.


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