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What is IEC TR 60068-3-12?

IEC TR 60068-3-12 is a technical standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It provides guidance and specifications for testing electronic and electrical products against harsh environmental conditions, specifically focusing on the method of vibration testing.

Why is Vibration Testing Important?

Vibration can severely affect the performance, reliability, and safety of electronic and electrical products. It is crucial to subject these products to vibration testing to ensure their functionality under various operating conditions. The information obtained from such tests helps manufacturers identify weaknesses in their designs, improve product durability, and enhance customer satisfaction.

What Does IEC TR 60068-3-12 Cover?

This standard sets out procedures for testing products under different levels and types of vibrations. It specifies various sinusoidal, random, and combined vibration environments that products are subjected to during the testing process. Additionally, it describes the necessary equipment, test methods, and assessment criteria to evaluate the product's performance. The standard also includes recommendations for analyzing and interpreting test results.

Benefits of IEC TR 60068-3-12 Compliance

Complying with IEC TR 60068-3-12 offers several advantages. Firstly, it helps manufacturers ensure their products meet industry standards, increasing market credibility and trust among customers. Secondly, it allows manufacturers to assess and improve their product design by addressing any potential weaknesses early in the development cycle. Moreover, by following the standard's guidelines, manufacturers can reduce the risk of product failure and minimize warranty claims. Lastly, compliance with IEC TR 60068-3-12 demonstrates a commitment to quality and reliability, showcasing a company's dedication towards customer satisfaction.


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