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In this technical article, we will explore the latest version of the BS EN55016-4-3 standard, which was released in 2018. This standard sets the requirements for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus used in electromagnetic compatibility testing.

The Key Changes in BS EN55016-4-3:2018

BS EN55016-4-3:2018 introduces several important changes compared to its previous versions. Firstly, it expands the frequency range in which the apparatus should be tested. The new version now covers frequencies up to 6GHz, reflecting the increasing use of higher frequency bands in modern technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Secondly, the updated standard provides more detailed guidance on how to perform the measurements. It specifies the procedures for setting up the test environment, connecting the equipment, and conducting the actual tests. This ensures consistency in testing and allows for accurate comparisons of test results across different laboratories.

Lastly, BS EN55016-4-3:2018 includes stricter limits for acceptable levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI). With the growing number of electronic devices in our everyday lives, it becomes crucial to ensure that these devices do not interfere with each other, leading to potential malfunctions or performance degradation.

The Impact of BS EN55016-4-3:2018

The updated standard has a significant impact on various industries. For manufacturers of electronic devices, complying with the new requirements is essential to demonstrate their products' quality and reliability.

For testing laboratories, the changes in BS EN55016-4-3:2018 mean investments in upgrading their equipment and facilities. They need to have the necessary capabilities to test devices at higher frequencies and ensure accurate measurements within the updated limits.

From a consumer perspective, the implementation of this standard means increased assurance that the electronic devices they purchase meet the required regulatory standards. It helps to minimize potential disruptions caused by EMI and ensures safe and efficient operation of such devices in various environments.


BS EN55016-4-3:2018 brings important updates to the requirements for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus. The standard now covers a wider frequency range, provides detailed measurement guidance, and sets stricter limits for acceptable levels of EMI. Compliance with this standard is crucial for manufacturers, testing laboratories, and consumers, as it ensures the quality, reliability, and safety of electronic devices in an increasingly connected world.


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