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What is EN 511:2006?

The EN 511:2006 is a European standard that outlines the requirements for protective gloves against cold. This standard provides guidelines and specifications to manufacturers, users, and regulators about the performance levels of gloves in protecting against extreme cold conditions.

Scope of EN 511:2006

The EN 511:2006 standard covers gloves designed to protect the hands from convective cold (indicated by an "A" symbol), contact cold (indicated by a "B" symbol), and water penetration (indicated by a "C" symbol). These three parameters represent the vital elements that need to be considered while assessing the overall effectiveness of gloves in cold environments.

Performance Levels

EN 511:2006 introduces performance levels to evaluate the capabilities of gloves against cold. The three main performance properties evaluated include resistance to convective cold (measured on a scale of 0 to 4), resistance to contact cold (measured on a scale of 0 to 4), and water permeability (measured on a scale of 0 to 1).

A higher number indicates better performance in protecting against cold. For example, a glove with a resistance level of 4 for convective cold offers superior protection compared to a glove with a resistance level of 2. Similarly, a glove with a water permeability level of 1 provides better resistance to water penetration than a glove with a level of 0.

Labeling and Compliance

To ensure transparency and ease of selection, gloves meeting the EN 511:2006 standards are labeled with symbols representing their performance levels. The manufacturer must provide detailed information about the obtained performance levels and other relevant data. Users should carefully check the labeling on the gloves to ensure they are suitable for their specific cold environment needs.

It is important to note that compliance with EN 511:2006 does not imply absolute protection against extreme cold conditions. It provides a standardized method to compare and select gloves based on their performance levels.

In conclusion, the EN 511:2006 standard sets forth requirements and performance levels for protective gloves against cold in Europe. By understanding these standards and symbols, users can make informed decisions when selecting gloves to withstand specific cold environments.


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