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What is EN ISO 14148:2021?

EN ISO 14148:2021 is an international standard that provides guidelines for writing professional technical articles. It outlines the key elements and requirements for creating high-quality technical content. In this article, we will explore the purpose of EN ISO 14148:2021, its main sections, and how it can benefit both writers and readers of technical articles.

Understanding the Purpose of EN ISO 14148:2021

The main purpose of EN ISO 14148:2021 is to establish a set of guidelines that ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency. It aims to help writers effectively communicate complex ideas, concepts, and procedures to a wide audience. By following these guidelines, writers can create articles that are easy to understand, interpret, and apply.

Key Sections of EN ISO 14148:2021

EN ISO 14148:2021 is divided into several sections, each addressing specific aspects of technical article writing. Some of the key sections include:

Scope: This section defines the scope and applicability of the standard, outlining its objectives and target audience.

Normative References: Here, the standard lists other relevant standards and documents that writers should refer to when producing technical articles.

Terms and Definitions: This section provides a comprehensive glossary of terms used throughout the standard, ensuring consistent understanding and interpretation.

General Guidelines for Technical Articles: These guidelines cover various aspects of technical writing, such as structure, formatting, language usage, graphical representation, and citation styles.

Benefits of EN ISO 14148:2021

EN ISO 14148:2021 offers several benefits to both writers and readers of technical articles. For writers, it provides a standardized framework to follow, ensuring that their content is well-structured, accurate, and easily comprehensible. This can enhance the credibility and professionalism of their work.

For readers, EN ISO 14148:2021 promotes consistency styles, making it easier to understand and compare different articles. It also improves accessibility and reduces ambiguity, enabling readers to extract information quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, EN ISO 14148:2021 plays a vital role in guiding the creation of professional technical articles. By adhering to its guidelines, writers can ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency in their content, while readers benefit from improved comprehension and accessibility. Whether you are a technical writer or a reader of such articles, familiarizing yourself with EN ISO 14148:2021 can greatly enhance your experience and understanding.


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