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What is BS EN ISO 10545-5:2021?

BS EN ISO 10545-5:2021 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the testing and classification of ceramic tiles. It specifically focuses on their resistance to surface abrasion, including wear caused by foot traffic. This standard is used by manufacturers, suppliers, and customers in the ceramic tile industry to ensure the quality and durability of the tiles.

Testing methods

To determine the resistance to surface abrasion, BS EN ISO 10545-5:2021 outlines specific testing methods. One commonly used test is the Taber test, which involves rotating a pair of abrasive wheels against the tile surface under a specified load. The number of rotations required to reach a defined wear threshold is then measured. Another test method involves using a diamond-studded wheel to simulate different levels of traffic and evaluating the resulting wear patterns.

Classification system

The standard also provides a classification system for ceramic tiles based on their resistance to surface abrasion. Tiles are assigned a rating from Class 0 to Class 5, with Class 0 being the least resistant and Class 5 being the most resistant. The classification takes into account factors such as the type of tile, its glaze, and its intended use. This system allows customers to easily identify tiles that are suitable for high-traffic areas or applications where wear and tear are common.

Importance of BS EN ISO 10545-5:2021

The implementation of BS EN ISO 10545-5:2021 is crucial for various reasons. First and foremost, it ensures the reliability and performance of ceramic tiles in real-world conditions. By following the testing methods and classification system outlined in the standard, manufacturers can produce tiles that meet the quality expectations of customers. Additionally, suppliers and customers can confidently assess and compare different tile options based on their abrasion resistance, enabling them to make informed decisions.

BS EN ISO 10545-5:2021 also promotes consistency in the ceramic tile industry by establishing a common language and framework for testing and classification. This harmonization benefits all stakeholders involved, from manufacturers to installers and end-users. It facilitates transparency and trust among market participants, contributes to product standardization, and ultimately enhances the overall quality and competitiveness of ceramic tiles.


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