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What is EN ISO 39001:2012?


EN ISO 39001:2012 is the international standard for road traffic safety management systems. It provides guidelines and requirements to help organizations establish, implement, maintain, and improve a road traffic safety management system. This system aims to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries, and deaths caused by road traffic incidents.

The Importance of EN ISO 39001:2012

Implementing EN ISO 39001:2012 is crucial for organizations involved in road transportation, including government bodies, logistics companies, and public transport operators. By following this standard, these organizations can enhance their road traffic safety measures, reduce accidents, and protect both their employees and the general public.

It provides a systematic approach to identify potential hazards, assess risks, and implement controls to prevent accidents. It also promotes continuous improvement, ensuring that road traffic safety remains a priority within an organization.

The Key Elements of EN ISO 39001:2012

EN ISO 39001:2012 includes several key elements that organizations need to consider when establishing a road traffic safety management system:

Leadership commitment: Senior management must demonstrate their commitment to road traffic safety and provide necessary resources for its implementation.

Risk assessment and mitigation: Organizations should identify potential risks associated with their activities and develop appropriate control measures to reduce these risks.

Legal compliance: Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements is essential to ensure road traffic safety.

Performance monitoring: Regular performance monitoring, data analysis, and reporting help organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their road traffic safety management system and take necessary corrective actions.

Employee competence and awareness: Adequate training and awareness programs should be implemented to ensure employees understand the importance of road traffic safety and their responsibilities in preventing accidents.


EN ISO 39001:2012 provides organizations with a framework to effectively manage road traffic safety. By implementing this standard, organizations can reduce accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the roads, improve their overall performance, and demonstrate their commitment to road traffic safety to stakeholders and the public.

It's important for organizations involved in road transportation to familiarize themselves with EN ISO 39001:2012 and work towards its implementation to create safer road networks for everyone.


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