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What is BS EN 80079-36:2010?

BS EN 80079-36:2010 is a technical standard that focuses on the safety requirements for non-electrical equipment

intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This international standard, often referred to as the

"EEC ATEX Directive," provides guidelines and regulations for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of such

equipment to ensure their compliance with safety measures in hazardous environments.

Understanding the Scope

The scope of BS EN 80079-36:2010 covers various types of non-electrical equipment that may be used in areas where

explosive atmospheres are present. It applies to equipment such as mechanical, thermal, and pneumatic devices,

as well as components, protective systems, and devices used for controlling or monitoring explosion hazards.

Safety Measures and Requirements

BS EN 80079-36:2010 sets out specific safety measures and requirements that must be met by manufacturers and

suppliers of non-electrical equipment. These measures include designing and constructing equipment in a way that

eliminates or reduces the risk of ignition sources. Additionally, the standard outlines guidelines for equipment

testing, classification, marking, and documentation to ensure clarity and understanding for end-users regarding

the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Benefits of Compliance

Adhering to BS EN 80079-36:2010 not only ensures regulatory compliance but also offers several benefits to both

manufacturers/suppliers and end-users. By following this standard, manufacturers can enhance the safety and

reliability of their non-electrical equipment, minimizing the risk of accidents and potential harm to personnel

or property. For end-users, compliance with BS EN 80079-36:2010 provides assurance that the equipment they are

using has undergone rigorous safety checks and meets the necessary requirements for use in explosive atmospheres.


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