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What is EN ISO 14187:2012?

EN ISO 14187:2012 is a Technical Specification that provides guidelines for creating and writing easy-to-understand technical articles. It sets standards for clear communication, ensuring that complex concepts can be easily comprehended by readers.

The Purpose of EN ISO 14187:2012

The main objective of EN ISO 14187:2012 is to enhance the accessibility and readability of technical articles. It aims to improve the clarity of information and reduce misunderstandings arising from poorly written technical content. This standard serves as a valuable resource for writers and content creators, enabling them to effectively convey complex technical concepts to their intended audience.

Key Principles of EN ISO 14187:2012

EN ISO 14187:2012 emphasizes several key principles that contribute to the creation of easy-to-understand technical articles:

Simplification: Technical jargon and complex terminology should be avoided or clearly explained. The use of plain language enhances comprehension and ensures that readers with varying levels of technical expertise can understand the content.

Structuring Information: The article should have a clear and logical structure, with headings and subheadings used to guide readers through the content. This helps in organizing the information and enables readers to easily navigate the article.

Visual Aids: The use of visual aids, such as diagrams, charts, and illustrations, can greatly enhance understanding. Visual elements should be used sparingly but effectively to supplement the text and reinforce key points.

Conciseness: The article should be concise and to the point, avoiding unnecessary repetition or excessive wordiness. Clarity and brevity are essential in ensuring that information is communicated efficiently to readers.

Benefits of EN ISO 14187:2012

The implementation of EN ISO 14187:2012 brings several benefits to both writers and readers of technical articles:

Improved Communication: By following the guidelines set by the standard, writers can effectively communicate complex technical concepts, reducing the likelihood of misinterpretation or confusion among readers.

Increased Accessibility: Easy-to-understand technical articles ensure the accessibility of information to a wider audience, including individuals with limited technical knowledge or non-native speakers.

Time and Cost Savings: Well-written technical articles can streamline the learning process for readers, saving time and effort required to comprehend complex information. This can lead to increased productivity and cost savings in various industries.

Enhanced Reputation: Organizations and individuals who consistently produce high-quality and easily comprehensible technical articles tend to gain a reputation for their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to clear communication.

To conclude, EN ISO 14187:2012 plays a vital role in promoting effective communication. By adhering to the principles outlined in this standard, writers can produce easy-to-understand technical articles that benefit both themselves and their readers.


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