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What is ISO-IEC 19778:2017?

ISO-IEC 19778:2017 is a technical standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This standard provides guidelines and requirements for organizing and managing digital information in order to ensure its long-term preservation and accessibility.

Key Features of ISO-IEC 19778:2017

1. Metadata Management:

ISO-IEC 19778:2017 emphasizes the importance of proper metadata management. Metadata, which is essentially data about data, plays a crucial role in preserving and providing access to digital information. This standard provides guidelines for creating, capturing, and managing metadata throughout the lifecycle of the digital information.

2. File Format Specifications:

Another key feature of ISO-IEC 19778:2017 is its focus on file format specifications. It outlines requirements for selecting appropriate file formats that support long-term preservation and avoid obsolescence. By adhering to these specifications, organizations can ensure that their digital information remains accessible and usable over time.

3. Authenticity and Integrity:

ISO-IEC 19778:2017 also addresses the need to maintain the authenticity and integrity of digital information. It provides recommendations for implementing measures such as digital signatures and checksums to verify the authenticity of files and detect any unauthorized modifications. Ensuring the integrity of digital information is crucial for its long-term usability and trustworthiness.

Benefits of ISO-IEC 19778:2017

1. Preservation of Digital Information:

By following ISO-IEC 19778:2017, organizations can effectively preserve their digital information and prevent loss or degradation over time. This is particularly important for important historical records, scientific data, cultural artifacts, and other valuable digital assets that need to be accessible for future generations.

2. Interoperability and Accessibility:

ISO-IEC 19778:2017 promotes interoperability and accessibility of digital information. By adhering to standardized guidelines, organizations can ensure that their digital information remains compatible with different technologies and platforms. This facilitates the long-term access and usability of the information, regardless of changes in software or hardware.

3. Compliance and Risk Management:

Complying with ISO-IEC 19778:2017 helps organizations manage risks associated with the preservation and management of digital information. It provides a framework for implementing best practices, reducing the potential for data loss or corruption, and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. This can mitigate reputational, legal, and financial risks for organizations that rely heavily on digital information.


ISO-IEC 19778:2017 is a vital standard for organizations that aim to preserve and manage digital information effectively. By incorporating the guidelines and requirements outlined in this standard, organizations can ensure the long-term accessibility, usability, and trustworthiness of their digital assets. Compliance with ISO-IEC 19778:2017 brings numerous benefits, including preservation of digital information, interoperability, accessibility, and effective risk management. Embracing this standard is crucial for organizations that want to safeguard their valuable digital resources for the future.


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