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What is BS EN ISO 26262:2012?

BS EN ISO 26262:2012 is an international standard that focuses on functional safety for electrical and electronic systems in road vehicles. It provides guidelines and requirements throughout the product development process to ensure the safety of automotive systems.

The Importance of Functional Safety

Functional safety is crucial in the automotive industry as vehicles are becoming increasingly electronic and software-driven. This standard ensures that potential risks, such as malfunctions, failures, or errors in the system, are minimized and managed effectively.

In the past, hardware failures were more common concerns. However, with the rise of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving technologies, and connected cars, functional safety has become critical for ensuring public safety and reducing accidents caused by system failures.

Main Requirements of BS EN ISO 26262:2012

The standard defines a safety lifecycle approach that covers the entire automotive development process. It outlines several key requirements:

Management of Functional Safety: This includes defining safety goals, planning safety activities, and managing safety-related communication throughout the development process.

Concept Phase: In this phase, potential hazards and risks are identified, and safety goals and requirements are established for the system.

Product Development at the System Level: This involves designing system architectures, determining safety measures, and performing hazard analysis.

Production, Operation, Service, and Decommissioning: The standard also covers activities beyond development, such as production, operation, service, and decommissioning, to ensure ongoing safety.

Benefits of Implementing BS EN ISO 26262:2012

Implementing BS EN ISO 26262:2012 brings several advantages to automotive manufacturers and suppliers:

Safety Improvement: By following this standard, the risks associated with electrical and electronic systems in vehicles are significantly reduced, leading to safer products and fewer accidents.

Legal Compliance: Many countries have regulations requiring compliance with functional safety standards. Adhering to BS EN ISO 26262:2012 enables manufacturers to meet these requirements.

Enhanced Reputation: Companies that prioritize safety and comply with international standards gain trust and credibility among consumers and stakeholders.

Cost Savings and Efficiency: By identifying potential risks early on in the development process, companies can mitigate costly errors and rework, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.


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