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What is BS EN ISO 20471:2019

BS EN ISO 20471:2019 is an international standard that provides guidelines for high-visibility clothing. This standard specifies the requirements for garments designed to visually signal the presence of users in hazardous situations, especially in low-light conditions. It ensures the maximum visibility of the wearer to reduce the risk of accidents and increase safety in various working environments.

Importance of BS EN ISO 20471:2019

The implementation of BS EN ISO 20471:2019 is crucial in many industries where workers are exposed to potential hazards or work during low-light hours. The standard improves the visibility of individuals who may be at risk, such as road workers, construction workers, and emergency responders. By wearing high-visibility clothing that complies with the standard, the chances of accidents are significantly reduced, ultimately preventing injuries and saving lives.

Key Requirements of BS EN ISO 20471:2019

To comply with BS EN ISO 20471:2019, high-visibility clothing must meet specific requirements. These requirements include the type and placement of retroreflective materials, background material color, and minimum area coverage of fluorescent fabric. Retroreflective materials reflect light back to its original source, improving visibility. Fluorescent fabric maximizes daytime visibility by absorbing UV radiation and emitting visible light. The standard also outlines requirements for garment durability and labeling, ensuring consistent quality and easy identification.

Benefits of BS EN ISO 20471:2019 Compliance

Complying with BS EN ISO 20471:2019 offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it enhances the safety of workers by increasing their visibility, reducing the probability of accidents, and improving overall situational awareness. Secondly, it provides employers with a clear standard to follow when selecting and purchasing high-visibility clothing for their workforce. Thirdly, compliance improves the professionalism of industries, making them more attractive to potential employees who value safety. Finally, meeting the requirements of the standard demonstrates a commitment to worker protection, leading to improved company reputation and reduced potential legal liability.


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