Technological Innovation

What is ISO 24651:2012?

ISO 24651:2012 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for implementing systems to support individuals with disabilities when using computers. This international standard aims to ensure accessibility and usability for people with various disabilities, including visual, hearing, motor, cognitive, and learning impairments.

Improving Accessibility for People with Disabilities

One of the primary objectives of ISO 24651:2012 is to enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to access and interact with digital content and services effectively. This standard focuses on several key aspects of accessibility, such as adaptability, compatibility, customization, and ease of use. It ensures that software applications and websites are designed in a way that accommodates diverse user needs.

Key Features of ISO 24651:2012

ISO 24651:2012 outlines specific guidelines and requirements for developers and designers to create accessible technology solutions. These include providing alternative text for images and multimedia content, ensuring appropriate color contrast, supporting keyboard navigation, and offering options for font enlargement and screen magnification. The standard also emphasizes the importance of clear and simple language, making information more understandable for everyone, regardless of their background or abilities.

Benefits and Impact of ISO 24651:2012

Implementing ISO 24651:2012 brings numerous benefits to both individuals with disabilities and organizations. Firstly, it allows people with disabilities to participate fully in digital communication, education, and employment opportunities. Accessible technology improves their quality of life and fosters social inclusion. Secondly, organizations that adhere to this standard demonstrate their commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and corporate social responsibility. By considering the needs of all users, they can expand their customer base and enhance user satisfaction.


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