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What is IEC 61000-4-7:2019

IEC 61000-4-7:2019 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the measurement and evaluation of electrical disturbances in industrial, commercial, and residential environments. It offers a systematic approach to characterize the power quality parameters and assess the severity of disturbances affecting electrical systems. This article provides a thorough technical of IEC 61000-4-7:2019.

Scope and Objectives

The scope of IEC 61000-4-7:2019 encompasses the measurement of quantities related to electrical disturbances over a wide frequency range. It aims to evaluate the magnitude, duration, and distribution of these disturbances, which include voltage fluctuations, flicker, and harmonic content. The objective is to provide common measurement techniques and metrics to assess power quality and identify potential issues.

Measurement Techniques

IEC 61000-4-7:2019 defines measurement techniques for various power quality parameters. It outlines procedures for measuring and characterizing disturbances such as voltage dips, short interruptions, and harmonics. The standard specifies instrumentation requirements and measurement setups, ensuring consistent and reliable results across different laboratories and testing facilities.

One of the key measurement techniques introduced by IEC 61000-4-7:2019 is the Flickermeter method. This technique quantifies the perceptibility of voltage fluctuation known as "flicker" and aims to prevent discomfort or possible hazards caused by rapid changes in lighting intensity. The standard also introduces methods for assessing voltage unbalance, interharmonics, and high-frequency disturbances.

Benefits and Implementation

The implementation of IEC 61000-4-7:2019 provides several benefits. Firstly, it allows manufacturers to evaluate the impact of their products on power quality and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Secondly, it enables utilities and service providers to identify and rectify issues that may affect the reliability and stability of electrical systems.

Power consumers also benefit from this standard as it helps them understand the quality of the electricity they receive. By implementing IEC 61000-4-7:2019, power quality issues can be mitigated, leading to improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased safety for both individuals and equipment.


IEC 61000-4-7:2019 is a comprehensive standard that plays a crucial role in assessing and improving power quality. Its measurement techniques and guidelines allow for the evaluation of various disturbances that may impact the performance and reliability of electrical systems. By implementing this standard, industries, utilities, and consumers can work towards achieving higher levels of power quality and ensuring efficient and safe operation of electrical networks.


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