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What is EN ISO 15591:2009?

In this in-depth technical article, we will explore the significance and application of EN ISO 15591:2009. The standard provides guidelines for the design and implementation of corrosion protection systems for steel structures used in the civil engineering and construction industry.


EN ISO 15591:2009, titled "Paints and Varnishes - Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures by Protective Paint Systems - Measurement of, and Acceptance Criteria for, the Thickness of Dry Films on Rough Surfaces," is an essential standard that ensures the durability and longevity of steel structures exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

The standard defines the measurement methods and acceptance criteria for dry film thicknesses of protective paint systems. It covers both simple and complex steel structures and addresses various aspects related to surface preparation, coating application, adhesion, and inspection procedures.

Key Principles and Processes

EN ISO 15591:2009 emphasizes the importance of surface preparation before applying protective paint coatings. Proper cleaning, degreasing, and profiling of the steel surface are critical to ensure the adhesion and effectiveness of the coatings.

The standard also outlines specific requirements for the selection and application of paint systems. Factors such as expected service life, exposure conditions, and the type of structure influence the choice of coating materials and specifications.

Inspection and Quality Control

To ensure compliance with EN ISO 15591:2009, thorough inspection and quality control measures are necessary throughout the coating process. Inspection should include visual assessment, dry film thickness measurements, adhesion tests, and other relevant tests to verify the performance and integrity of the protective paint system.

Furthermore, the standard sets acceptance criteria for dry film thickness, adhesion, and other properties of the protective coatings. These criteria help to assess if the applied coatings meet the required specifications and provide adequate corrosion protection for the steel structures.


EN ISO 15591:2009 plays a vital role in ensuring effective corrosion protection for steel structures. By providing guidelines for surface preparation, coating application, inspection, and acceptance criteria, the standard lays the foundation for durable and long-lasting protective paint systems.

Adhering to EN ISO 15591:2009 helps to mitigate the risk of structural degradation caused by corrosion and extends the lifespan of steel structures in various civil engineering and construction applications.


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