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What is IEC 61000-4-18:2019?


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is an organization that sets international standards for electrical and electronic technologies. One of the important standards they have developed is IEC 61000-4-18:2019, which focuses on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.

Understanding EMC Testing

EMC testing is crucial to ensure that electronic devices and systems can function properly in their intended environments without causing or being affected by electromagnetic interference. It involves measuring and evaluating various parameters related to immunity and emissions.

Key Features of IEC 61000-4-18:2019

IEC 61000-4-18:2019 provides a comprehensive guide for conducting immunity tests against repetitive damped oscillatory waveforms. These waveforms simulate the effects of power system faults or switching operations that can occur in real-life scenarios.

The standard specifies different test levels, test setups, measurement methods, and performance criteria to assess the immunity of equipment to these specific disturbances. It covers both conducted and radiated immunity tests and helps manufacturers ensure their products are compliant with international regulations.

Benefits and Applications

Compliance with IEC 61000-4-18:2019 offers several benefits for manufacturers and users of electronic equipment. Firstly, it helps enhance product reliability and overall quality by subjecting them to rigorous testing against realistic disturbances.

Additionally, compliance with this standard improves the interoperability of electronic devices as they are designed to withstand common electromagnetic disturbances. This is especially important in sectors such as telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace, where multiple devices need to coexist without interference.

Furthermore, adherence to IEC 61000-4-18:2019 ensures compliance with international regulations and standards, giving manufacturers access to global markets. It instills confidence in consumers that the electronic devices they purchase are reliable, safe, and will not interfere with other devices.


IEC 61000-4-18:2019 plays a vital role in ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic devices and systems. By setting standards for immunity testing against repetitive damped oscillatory waveforms, it helps manufacturers produce high-quality products that can withstand common power system disturbances. Compliant products not only improve reliability but also enhance their marketability on a global scale.


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