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What is UL 671?

UL 671 is a widely recognized industry standard that specifies requirements for fire tests of sprinkler and water spray systems used in protecting commercial cooking equipment.

The Importance of UL 671

UL 671 plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of commercial establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, where large-scale cooking operations take place. The standard ensures that the sprinkler and water spray systems meet specific performance criteria to effectively control and suppress kitchen fires.

In the event of a fire, UL 671-compliant systems can help minimize property damage, protect lives, and prevent widespread destruction. By adhering to this standard, building owners and operators can demonstrate their commitment to safety and compliance with local fire codes.

Key Requirements of UL 671

UL 671 outlines several important requirements for sprinkler and water spray systems used in commercial cooking areas. These include:

Temperature Ratings: The system components must be capable of withstanding high temperatures associated with cooking equipment without compromising their performance.

Fire Tests: The sprinkler and water spray systems are subject to rigorous fire tests to evaluate their effectiveness in suppressing fires under realistic conditions.

Spray Patterns: The systems must produce an appropriate spray pattern that covers the deep-fat fryers, grills, ranges, and other cooking appliances.

Discharge Rate: The recommended discharge rate for the systems should be maintained, ensuring sufficient water flow to extinguish or control a fire.


UL 671 sets the standard for fire tests of sprinkler and water spray systems used in commercial cooking areas. By complying with these requirements, building owners can ensure the safety of their establishments and minimize the risk of fire-related accidents. The importance of UL 671 cannot be overstated as it helps protect lives, property, and investments.


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