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What is ISO 20910-2017?

ISO 20910-2017 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and recommendations for writing in-depth technical articles. It sets the standards for content, structure, and formatting to ensure uniformity and clarity.

Importance of Standardized Technical Writing

Standardized technical writing plays a crucial role in various industries, including engineering, manufacturing, information technology, and scientific research. Clear and concise documentation ensures effective communication between professionals and facilitates knowledge transfer across teams and organizations.

ISO 20910-2017 emphasizes the importance of using consistent terminology, organizing information logically, and adopting a systematic approach to technical writing. These guidelines promote readability, accuracy, and professionalism in technical documents.

Structure and Content Guidelines

The standard provides detailed guidelines for structuring technical articles. It recommends dividing the content into clear sections with informative headings, such as Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Conclusion. Each section should focus on specific aspects of the topic and maintain a logical flow.

In addition to structuring, ISO 20910-2017 also outlines the content requirements for each section. For example, the introduction should provide background information, objectives, and a clear problem statement. The methodology section should describe the experimental setup, materials used, and data collection methods. The results section presents findings, while the conclusion sums up the key points and highlights the significance of the research.

Formatting and Presentation

The standard emphasizes consistent formatting and presentation to enhance readability. It suggests using appropriate fonts, font sizes, and line spacing for different types of technical documents. Consistent use of headings, subheadings, and bullet points aids in organizing information and improving comprehension.

ISO 20910-2017 also addresses the use of graphics, tables, and figures in technical articles. It provides guidelines for creating effective visuals, such as using clear labels, providing detailed captions, and ensuring proper referencing within the text.

In conclusion, ISO 20910-2017 sets the standards for writing in-depth technical articles. Following these guidelines enhances the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of technical communication. Adhering to the standardized format, content structure, and presentation ensures that technical documents are clear, concise, and accessible to the intended audience.


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