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What is EN ISO 105-V04:2013

EN ISO 105-V04:2013 is a technical standard that provides guidance on the determination of the resistance of colored textiles to domestic and commercial laundering. It specifies the test procedures, conditions, and evaluation methods for assessing the colorfastness properties of textile materials. By understanding this standard, manufacturers, researchers, and consumers can ensure that colored textiles meet the desired quality requirements.

Test Procedures and Conditions

The test procedures outlined in EN ISO 105-V04:2013 are designed to simulate realistic washing conditions and evaluate how well the colors of textile materials retain their original appearance after repeated laundering cycles. These procedures involve subjecting textile samples to mechanical agitation, varying levels of detergent concentration, and specific temperature and time parameters. The standard also includes provisions for assessing color changes, staining, and transfer of color between different materials.

Evaluation Methods

EN ISO 105-V04:2013 specifies several evaluation methods to determine the colorfastness of textiles. These methods include visual assessment, instrument-based measurements, and comparison of color differences using spectrophotometric techniques. Visual assessment involves examining textile samples against specified color standards to identify any noticeable deviations in hue, lightness, or chroma. Instrument-based measurements use colorimeters or spectrophotometers to quantify the color differences between the laundered and original textile samples.

Importance and Application

EN ISO 105-V04:2013 is crucial in ensuring that colored textiles maintain their aesthetic appeal and functionality even after frequent laundering. Manufacturers can use this standard as a benchmark to develop textiles with superior colorfastness properties, resulting in products that offer extended durability and customer satisfaction. Research institutions can adopt the standard to conduct comparative studies on different dyeing techniques and evaluate their impact on colorfastness. Lastly, consumers can make informed purchasing decisions by looking for textiles that adhere to this standard, ensuring they get high-quality products that retain their vibrant colors over time.


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