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Technical Details of BS EN 166:2020

BS EN 166:2020 is a European standard that outlines the specifications and testing methods for personal eye protectors. It applies to all types of eye protectors used for general occupational applications, including those designed to provide protection against optical radiation, liquid droplets, mechanical hazards, and more.

This standard is divided into several sections, each of which covers a different aspect of eye protection. The main sections of BS EN 166:2020 include:

* Section 1: General

This section provides the general requirements for all eye protectors. It includes guidelines for the design, testing, and labeling of eye protectors.

* Section 2: Performance Test

This section outlines the testing methods that manufacturers must use to verify the performance of their eye protectors. The testing includes tests for fields of vision, optical characteristics, resistance to ignition, robustness, and more.

* Section 3: Requirements for Specific Applications

This section covers the specific requirements that apply to different types of eye protectors. It includes guidelines for the design, testing, and labeling of eye protectors for tasks that involve exposure to hazardous substances, such as chemical hazards or biological risks.

* Section 4: Safety and Use

This section provides guidelines for the safe use of eye protectors. It includes information about the materials used in eye protectors, the duration of use, and any special considerations when using eye protectors.

Compliance and Certification

To comply with the requirements of BS EN 166:2020, manufacturers must conduct thorough testing and analysis to verify the performance and safety of their eye protectors. They must also meet the relevant regulations and standards for their products, such as CE marking.

Certification is a critical process that ensures that manufacturers have met the requirements of the standard. It involves independent testing and evaluation by third-party testing organizations, which verify that the manufacturers' products meet the specified requirements.


BS EN 166:2020 is an essential standard for ensuring the safety and well-being of workers across various industries. It provides manufacturers with guidelines for designing, testing, and labeling eye protectors that meet the necessary performance and safety requirements.

By understanding the technical details of this standard and ensuring compliance with its requirements, manufacturers can produce eye protectors that protect workers from various hazards and risks.


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