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What is BS EN 16613:2020?

BS EN 16613:2020 is a professional technical standard that specifies the requirements for the design, performance, and testing of protective clothing used in the healthcare sector. This standard ensures that the protective clothing meets the necessary quality standards and provides appropriate protection for healthcare professionals and patients.

The Importance of BS EN 16613:2020

Protective clothing plays a crucial role in preventing the transmission of infections in healthcare settings. BS EN 16613:2020 sets out the criteria for ensuring that the clothing effectively protects against biological hazards and contaminants. It covers a wide range of requirements, including material construction, durability, design features, comfort, and labeling instructions.

Complying with BS EN 16613:2020 is essential for manufacturers, distributors, and users of protective clothing. Healthcare facilities must ensure that the clothing they provide to their staff adheres to this standard, as it guarantees the reliability and effectiveness of the protective measures taken.

The Testing Process

To meet the requirements of BS EN 16613:2020, protective clothing undergoes rigorous testing. The tests are designed to assess its ability to resist penetration by liquids and microorganisms, as well as evaluate its overall performance and durability.

Some of the key tests include resistance to liquid penetration, breathability, splash resistance, particle filtration efficiency, and biomechanical properties. These tests help determine if the clothing provides adequate protection while allowing sufficient comfort and ease of movement for healthcare professionals during their daily activities.

Manufacturers must perform these tests according to specific procedures outlined in the standard and provide clear documentation of the test results. This information allows healthcare facilities to make informed decisions when selecting protective clothing and ensures the proper use of appropriate protective equipment.


BS EN 16613:2020 is a crucial standard in the healthcare sector. It ensures that protective clothing meets the necessary requirements for protecting healthcare professionals and patients from infections and other hazards. By complying with this standard, manufacturers, distributors, and users of protective clothing can be confident in its quality and performance. Healthcare facilities must prioritize the use of protective clothing that adheres to BS EN 16613:2020, as it plays a significant role in minimizing the risk of transmission and maintaining a safe working environment.


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