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What is IEC 60320-2-2:2017?

IEC 60320-2-2:2017 is an international standard that provides specifications for appliance couplers used in household and similar general purposes. This standard is a part of the IEC 60320 series which specifies the requirements for connectors and power supply cords used in electrical appliances.

Understanding the Scope

This standard specifically focuses on appliance couplers with a rated voltage not exceeding 250 V and a rated current not exceeding 16 A. It serves as a guide for manufacturers, suppliers, and users to ensure compatibility, safety, and reliability of electrical connections.

The IEC 60320-2-2:2017 standard covers various types of appliance couplers, including couplers designed for detachable connections or those intended for permanent connections to appliances.

Key Features and Requirements

IEC 60320-2-2:2017 defines the dimensions, performance criteria, and testing methods for appliance couplers. It ensures the secure engagement and disengagement of connectors and guarantees efficient transmission of electrical power.

Some key features and requirements specified by this standard include:

The mechanical strength and constructional requirements of appliance couplers;

The resistance of contacts to heat and abnormal operation conditions, such as overload and short-circuit conditions;

The electrical insulation properties and durability under expected operating conditions;

The prevention of accidental contact with live parts;

The marking and identification of appliance couplers.

Benefits and Application

The adherence to IEC 60320-2-2:2017 ensures that appliance couplers meet standardized specifications, enhancing safety and efficiency. Manufacturers can use this standard to design and produce reliable connectors that comply with the worldwide requirements.

Appliance couplers conforming to IEC 60320-2-2:2017 are widely used in various consumer electronics, household appliances, office equipment, and industrial applications. They provide a secure and standardized connection method between electrical devices and power sources.

In conclusion, IEC 60320-2-2:2017 plays a crucial role in promoting safe and standardized electrical connections. It provides an essential framework for manufacturers, suppliers, and users to ensure compatibility and reliability in diverse applications.


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