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What is EN ISO 13629:2012?

EN ISO 13629:2012 is a widely recognized international standard for technical writing. It provides guidelines and recommendations for creating thorough and high-quality technical articles. This standard is applicable to various fields, including engineering, technology, science, and manufacturing, among others.

Benefits of EN ISO 13629:2012

The implementation of EN ISO 13629:2012 offers several benefits to both writers and readers of technical articles.

Firstly, it ensures clarity and coherence in the presentation of technical information. By following this standard, writers are encouraged to structure their articles logically and use a consistent terminology, making the content easier to understand for readers.

Additionally, EN ISO 13629:2012 promotes precision and accuracy. It emphasizes the importance of providing accurate information supported by reliable sources, ensuring that the content is trustworthy and credible.

Moreover, adhering to this standard helps writers maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity in their work. By following the recommended guidelines, writers demonstrate their commitment to producing quality technical articles, enhancing their reputation as experts in their respective fields.

Guidelines for Writing Technical Articles

EN ISO 13629:2012 provides specific guidelines that can greatly assist writers in creating comprehensive technical articles.

One key guideline is the proper structuring of the article. It recommends starting with a clear introduction that outlines the purpose and scope of the article. The main body should then be organized into logical sections or subsections, each focusing on a distinct aspect of the topic. Finally, the article should conclude with a concise summary and, if applicable, recommendations or future research directions.

In addition to structure, this standard also emphasizes the importance of using concise and precise language. Technical articles should avoid unnecessary jargon and acronyms, ensuring that the content can be easily understood by readers with varying levels of expertise.

Furthermore, EN ISO 13629:2012 highlights the significance of supporting information with visual aids such as tables, diagrams, and charts. These visuals can enhance comprehension and make complex concepts more accessible to readers.


EN ISO 13629:2012 serves as a valuable resource for writers aiming to produce thorough technical articles. By following its guidelines, writers can ensure clarity, accuracy, and professionalism in their work, ultimately benefiting both themselves and their readers. Adhering to this international standard is a worthwhile investment for anyone involved.


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