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What is UL 61058-2-32020?

UL 61058-2-3:2020, also known as the "Standard for Switches for Appliances - Part 2-3: Particular requirements for switches used in electric tools," is a technical specification developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It outlines the safety requirements and test methods for switches used in electric tools. This standard helps ensure the safe operation of switches in appliances, preventing electrical accidents and hazards.

Requirements for Electrical Safety

UL 61058-2-3:2020 specifies various requirements that switches for electric tools must meet to ensure electrical safety. These include:

Insulation resistance: The switch should have sufficient insulation to prevent electric shock.

Dielectric strength: The switch should withstand a specified voltage without breaking down, ensuring reliability.

Impulse withstand voltage: The switch should be able to withstand high voltage impulses caused by switching or external factors.

Creepage and clearance distances: The switch should maintain proper distance between conductive parts to prevent arcing or short circuits.

Temperature rise: The switch should not generate excessive heat during normal operation.

Testing Methods and Procedures

UL 61058-2-3:2020 provides detailed testing procedures to evaluate switches for electric tools. These tests ensure that the switches are capable of withstanding different conditions and environments. Some of the tests prescribed by the standard include:

Electric strength test: The switch undergoes voltage application to test insulation properties and determine dielectric strength.

Temperature rise test: The switch is subjected to a specified load to assess its temperature rise under normal operating conditions.

Durability test: The switch is repeatedly cycled to evaluate its mechanical endurance and reliability.

Environmental tests: The switch is exposed to various environmental conditions such as high temperature, humidity, and vibration to ensure its performance remains unaffected.

Benefits and Compliance

Compliance with UL 61058-2-3:2020 ensures that switches used in electric tools meet the necessary safety requirements. Manufacturers who follow this standard can assure their customers of safe and reliable switches. By adhering to the testing methods and procedures outlined in the standard, potential hazards and risks associated with faulty switches are significantly reduced. Consumers can have confidence in using appliances equipped with switches that comply with UL 61058-2-3:2020.


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