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What is UL 60335-2-28?

UL 60335-2-28 is a technical standard developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which is a global independent safety science company. This standard specifically focuses on the safety requirements for household and similar electrical appliances that are intended for cooking and heating food. In this article, we will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of UL 60335-2-28 and its significance.

Importance of UL 60335-2-28

In today's modern world, electrical appliances play a crucial role in our daily lives, especially in the kitchen. However, if these appliances are not designed and manufactured with proper safety standards, they can pose significant risks to users. UL 60335-2-28 provides a set of guidelines and requirements to ensure that electrical appliances used for cooking and heating are safe and reliable.

This standard covers various aspects, including electrical and mechanical safety, insulation, temperature control, and protection against potential hazards such as overheating, electric shock, and fire. By adhering to UL 60335-2-28, appliance manufacturers can demonstrate that their products meet rigorous safety criteria, giving consumers peace of mind.

Key Features of UL 60335-2-28

UL 60335-2-28 covers a wide range of appliances, including cookers, ovens, microwave ovens, toasters, grills, and more. It establishes specific safety requirements for each type of appliance, taking into account factors such as power supply, construction materials, and user interaction.

Some key features outlined in UL 60335-2-28 include:

Safety measures to prevent electrical shocks through insulation and grounding

Requirements for temperature controls and limiters to prevent overheating or fire hazards

Testing procedures to ensure durability and reliability of appliance components

Guidelines for clear and accurate user manuals, warning labels, and safety instructions

Protection against mechanical hazards, such as moving parts and sharp edges

Compliance and Certifications

UL 60335-2-28 is an internationally recognized standard, and compliance with it is essential for appliance manufacturers seeking market acceptance. Products that meet UL 60335-2-28 requirements may earn the "UL listed" mark or similar certifications. These certifications indicate that the appliances have undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories and comply with the established safety standards.

Laws and regulations in many countries require household electrical appliances to meet specific safety standards. Adherence to UL 60335-2-28 helps appliance manufacturers comply with these legal requirements and demonstrate commitment to consumer safety.

In conclusion, UL 60335-2-28 is a vital technical standard that ensures the safety and reliability of household electrical appliances used for cooking and heating. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can provide consumers with products that meet stringent safety criteria, enhancing trust and confidence in the marketplace.


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