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What is IEC 60216?

IEC 60216 is an international standard that specifies the method for thermal evaluation of electrical insulating materials. This standard focuses on determining the long-term thermal endurance of such materials, which is crucial for ensuring their reliability and safety in various applications.

The Importance of Thermal Evaluation

Thermal evaluation of electrical insulation materials is essential as it provides crucial information about how these materials will perform under different operating conditions over an extended period. It helps engineers and designers select the right materials for specific applications and ensures that the materials can withstand the heat generated during normal or abnormal operation.

The Testing Procedure

The testing procedure outlined in IEC 60216 involves subjecting the material to different temperature levels for an extended duration. The test measures parameters such as the relative thermal index (RTI), an indicator of the maximum temperature at which a material can be used continuously without compromising its properties. Another parameter measured is the ageing rate, which shows how quickly the material ages when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Application in Electrical Engineering

The thermal evaluation results obtained through IEC 60216 are crucial for various areas of electrical engineering. For example, they help in designing transformers, motors, and generators by determining the insulation system's maximum temperature limit. These results also aid in assessing the durability and reliability of cables, electronic components, and other electrical devices, ensuring they can operate efficiently and safely in different environments.


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